Lindamahle Management Systems is the umbrella entity to Lindamahle Innovation Centre lead by Zine Nkukwana. Lindamahle Management Systems prides itself on Women in Leadership within the ICT space. To add to that the Innovation Centre is a way in which Lindamahle Management Systems strives to equip the people of Africa with the introduction and skills that 4th Industrial Revolution(4IR) have to offer the public.


Zine Nkukwana
Zine Nkukwana

Zine holds several leadership positions in various organizations like National Deputy President of Progressive Blacks in Information and Communication Technology and Chairperson of Marketing and Communications Committee of the African Tourism Board. She was also the CEO of the South African Women in ICT Forum. Zine, an entrepreneur who is the Chief Executive Officer of Lindamahle Management Systems, a 100% female-owned ICT accredited training service provider.

Zine is passionate about women and youth development and has devoted her life in doing philanthropic work with these groups. She believes investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth. She is a renowned Inspirational and Motivational Speaker on topics pertaining to self-development, as well as Gender Based Violence matters etc. Her contribution in the age of 4IR, Zine ensures that the youth and women are not left behind especially those in the rural provinces of SA.